About Jack Carroll

My Sales Journey. During the last 30 years I have been privileged to work as a sales strategist, consultant, coach & trainer for and with some of the best and brightest companies in America. I have helped them improve their sales results using strategies and programs that I learned from sales masters like Neil Rackham, Mack Hanan, Bob Miller & Steve Heiman, and most recently Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson of “Challenger” fame. My own contributions to the profession which followed have been minor when compared with these giants in the field.

HubSpot & Inbound Marketing. While working with one of my clients, I discovered the amazing world of HubSpot and inbound marketing. I was so blown away by what was going on there that I decided that this was the marketplace where I wanted to dig in and hang my hat for the balance of my career. I would learn and understand the “sales” challenges and issues of HubSpot marketers, and teach them how to integrate sales and selling into their mix.

HubSpot Agency Vertical. My specific sales improvement mission and vertical target as clients would be HubSpot ad agency partners and their clients.  I would leverage their knowledge, understanding and challenges by helping them deliver and “sell” greater value to their clients, and in the process of doing that deliver greater revenue and profitability to themselves.

Influencers. The decision to do that was strongly influenced by the presence of three people in my life that I have learned and/or worked with in the HubSpot world.

  • Bob Ruffolo is the CEO of IMPACT Branding & Design, and one of the top ad agency/partners of HubSpot. He is a great leader, client and has become a trusted friend and advisor.
  • Marcus Sheridan is a brilliant marketer and deep thinker who first came to HubSpot as a swimming pool salesman and for the last five years has established himself as the undisputed thought leadership podcaster and Sales Lion blogger in the HubSpot/Inbound universe.
  • David Weinhaus, who put together and has driven the best of the best internal sales training program I have seen in 30 years in the field, that maps sales success step by step for every HubSpot agency. I have learned much from David and am grateful for doing so.

My Vision & Sales Philosophy.

It is important for anyone who hires me and my company to know that there are six important principles that have formed my philosophy on professional sales & selling. They are core to everything I do for clients to impact their revenue generation and customer satisfaction…”

  1. VALUE & TRUST. The most powerful sales strategy in any business is cultivating customer satisfaction and trust. There is no sales tool or technique that is as powerful or beneficial to the seller, as delivering what clients expect and what we promise, which is usually MORE. More prospects, more leads, more conversions, more sales, more revenue and more profitability. Everything else is just talk. MORE must constantly be promised, communicated and delivered in order to eliminate any uncertainty regarding value.
  2. ADDING VALUE. There is no more important service you can offer than “adding value” to your clients. Value that helps them sell more to their clients and value that helps them get new ones. Adding value is over-delivering – giving them more than they pay you for. It makes you invulnerable and improves your client renewals and “upsell/cross-sell” abilities dramatically as well.
  3. VALUE PROPOSITION. A value proposition is a promise, Value is a deliverable. Don’t confuse the two. “I deliver financial & functional value and ROI to my clients!” That’s my value proposition in words. If I can’t do that for any reason, my value proposition is in question.
  4. DOING. Sales is about taking positive action and DOING. If you are just reading content about what to do, and not actually DOING it, you’re not selling, you’re thinking or studying. Thinking is good but thinking and DOING together is what produces results. Beware of consultants or anyone else who tell you what to do without having a DOING practice in place as well.
  5. SALESMANSHIP. The art of salesmanship, is the absence of salesmanship. If you look like one and act like one and come on like one, you will be treated like one (with resistance.) No-one likes to be sold anything. People like to buy things rather than be sold.
  6. COMMITMENT/CLOSING. That being said… the thing that distinguishes sales from every other group in the company is “getting commitment and closing.” That does not mean body-slamming prospects and leads or beating them up by asking for the order 7 to 10 times until they “surrender.” It means always knowing where you stand by always asking for some kind of commitment on their parts AFTER they have acknowledged value.

Find out how you can improve results through better sales optimization that compliments your inbound & content marketing.